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Gubbio & Valtiberina

Why plan a holiday to the Gubbio/Monte Cucco area?

We recommend it for the many sporting activities it offers, for the nature and for its vicinity to other interesting places to visit.  It offers you an active sports vacation that is innovative and off the beaten path! Go hang gliding, put on your hiking boots and head into the hills, don a spelunking helmet and descend into the bowels of the earth, clip on your skis and whoosh down the slopes and, when you are ready to something else for a change, visit the many art cities (with their museums, restaurants and coffee bars) within easy reach.

During your stay here, in fact, we can easily programme a series of fascinating cultural excursions to places like Città di Castello for a tour of the Burri Foundation museum, home to many of the extraordinary works of the world famous artist, or to deeply medieval Gubbio, Renaissance Urbino, worldly yet ancient Perugia, where urban spelunkers, if you will, can descend to visit the underground city and explore a medieval aqueduct, an Etruscan tunnel and so much more. 

While there are no luxury hotels in the Monte Cucco region, there are many cosy and comfortable hotels and agriturismos, self catering apartments, spartan mountain huts in the heart of the park or campgrounds to really experience nature in its purest form.  Take a look at some of our great programmes for the Monte Cucco area!


The north east area of the region, a territory rich in history, wild mountains and precious towns.


Gubbio is a precious pearl nestled between rugged and wild mountains. It is famous for the legend of the wolf linked to St. Francis of Assisi, for its traditional race of the candles ( Ceri), for fun "crazy driving license" granted to its visitors more whimsical, for the truffle, for the largest Christmas tree of the world, because for years it has been the home of "Don Matteo" and, mostly, for its ancient history that has left precious testimonies, from the Etruscan time to the Middle Ages to the Renaissance!

Not too far from Gubbio, Monte Cucco,  (1566 m above sea level) or Cucco, as it is lovingly known, is the ‘sports mountain’ par excellence of Umbria, ideal for hang gliding and paragliding, for hiking and spelunking and cross country skiing. Located in the north-eastern region of Umbria, on the border with le Marche, it is the main attraction of the eponymous Natural Regional Park in the very heart of the Apennine mountain range.  The Umbrian slope of the mountain reaches all the way down to the ancient Via Flaminia, which still offers traces of the Roman origins of its road bed.
Due to the phenomenon of karstification, Monte Cucco has a highly complex underground system of waterways which supplies aqueducts, mineral springs and acts as a source for the Sentino and Chiascio rivers. It is from the depths of this mountain that Perugia gets its wonderful drinking water, carried for 40 km through underground conduits and aqueducts that follow the hills and valleys all the way to the top of the Umbrian capital.   
Monte Cucco, thanks to its geological formation, boasts some of Italy’s largest and deepest caves: more than 30 km of underground passages go down to as deep as 929 metres. Documents mentioning them date back to 1551, and since April of 2009 they have once again been rendered hospitable to visitors with all levels of ability.     

The area of Monte Cucco is, like so much of Umbria, also steeped in culture and history and since ancient times it has been a place of peace and meditation. Along the way you can come across the Santa Maria di Sitria Abbey, founded by Saint Romualdo in 1014, or the Saint Jerome Hermitage in Pascelupo, which dates back to the year 1000, both are hidden gems protected by nature… and there for us to discover!   
From the area in which Monte Cucco rises, it is easy to visit such wonderful cities of art and culture like Città di Castello, Urbino and Perugia, just to name a few.