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Perugia, Assisi &

Umbria Valley

Why plan a holiday to the Umbria Valley and Assisi area?

In this area you can find a The Mount Subasio is an incredible net of paths; one of the most beautiful views you can enjoy is the one from the top of the mount,  sitting under the cross and breathing the breeze while writing your thoughts in the   “Summit Book” hidden among the rocks!
And this is the paradise for Mountain Bikes and for Trekking, along the steps of Saint Francis, of Santa Clara or just following the spirit of the place, the nature or just the  “Genius loci” of this magic mountain!!! And at the foot of the mountain lies a pleasant outdoor gym suitable for all fitness levels: pedaling along easy tracks or walking to reach a winery and tasting unforgettable wines!
This is the type of vacation we wish everybody to enjoy! Simple life, outdoors, nature, true flavors and generous people!
The accommodations in this area are comfortable and well cared-for structures chosen for their charm and situated in the historic centres of towns and villages or in the countryside! Furthermore, the comfort of 3/4/5* star hotels of the city centre of Perugia or even accommodation in religious houses!

We look forward to showing you the Umbria we love, as only locals can!


In this part of Umbria will can find an incredible microcosm: a beautiful  mountain whose peak is 1290m above sea level, Mt. Subasio, with lots of walking paths and the purest water streams, and below it a wide and fertile valley that is the home of numerous streams and rivers, the banks of which double as cycling paths.


The valley is encircled by Mount Subasio, by the Martani Mountains and many gently rolling hills. The towns and villages in this valley are enchanting and steeped in history, and then there are the many vineyards and olive groves, where some of the best olive oil in Italy is produced. Not to mention the famous Sagrantino wine.


Wandering around these villages, places like Bevagna, Montefalco, Cannara, Cantalupo, Torgiano, Brufa,  means getting lost in the ancient history of its people, literature and art. A surreal atmosphere prevails in these ages-old towns and only a slow tourism in the countryside allows you grasp its deeper meaning, the soul hidden to those in a hurry.


Mount Subasio is the mountain par excellence in Umbria Valley, and Assisi is one of Christianity’s most famous holy cities. Assisi is not only the destination of pilgrims who want to see where Saint Francis was born, lived and preached, but is also where, near the Porziuncola, he died on October 4th, 1226. It’s a rightfully popular destination for art lovers, peace supporters and hiking enthusiasts!

Once in the area, don’t forget to visit Umbria’s capital, Perugia, the city of chocolate, the Etruscan city, the city of jazz and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Italy! Thanks to the University for Foreigners, Perugia is a very lively, young and dynamic city with many masterpieces of art right in its centre! Urban Trekking is a special way of saying that the only way to get in touch with local culture and discover hidden treasures is on foot! Walk in Perugia, stroll up and down it to discover its real soul!