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Trekking in Umbria

Lovers of trekking and hiking in Umbria will find the perfect setting to better enjoy this passion; from the High Tiber Valley to the Nera Valley, from the rolling hills surrounding Trasimeno Lake to the mountains around Assisi, Umbria is a region full of trails and routes suitable for all ages and all seasons.

With our experience and our expert guides we want to propose some excursions to enjoy every step, to rejoice in every gash that opens the horizon, patiently yearning to the top of a hill, walk in silence, listening to the thousands of voices of the nature and work of human hands, to go in pilgrimage to the places of our saints, learn to stop making every place the goal of your heart.


Our programs offer you the chance to live into a fresco in the harmonious beauty of nature, the villages rich in history and the discovery of the origins of our culture and the Christian faith!

In this section of our site, dedicated to trekking, you will find two different types of proposals: the first is dedicated to those who love new landscapes, new challenges and paths where nature surprises you at every step ! Happy journey!